Let’s Work Together!


Hi, my name is Toni McClain Thompson and I am the owner and operator of Thompson Virtual Office Support (“TVOS”). I operate TVOS on a “virtual” basis, meaning that all services are provided from my office to yours, regardless of where you are located.

I am a small business owner, and mother to three wonderful boys and four awesome girls. I worked in the legal arena for 20 years as an in-house legal secretary, legal assistant (under the supervision of an attorney), and office manager in various areas of the law as well as experience in office administration. I decided to start my VA business because I wanted more flexibility and time to spend with my children. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.

At TVOS our VA’s are proactive, we take initiative and pride ourselves on giving useful and productive advice and feedback to our client’s. As for me personally, my areas of strength include professionalism, high level organizational skills, detail oriented, multi-tasking capabilities and ability to adapt to change. I am a perfectionist in my ways and very efficient and I use those skills to help my clients become more productive and organized. The VA’s that are part of my team compliment my areas of strength and reinforce my weaknesses making us a powerhouse and we give that same energy and skill to our clients. 

Running a business can be complicated and overwhelming without being organized and having some sort of system or structure in place for your everyday tasks. We understand this concept and strive to help our clients in one of two ways, (1) take on the role and assist with the everyday tasks, or (2) help them to get organized by setting up systems and processes so that they can be self-sufficient. Either way, no one leaves away empty handed.

Let us help you improve your business and make your life easier and less stressful. I know that together we can make your business soar to new heights!