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David Duke

“Toni is one of the brightest people I have ever known or worked with.  She was able to do it all for us and, if she didn’t already know how to do something, she wasn’t afraid to jump in and figure it out.  Without question, she took control and was invaluable.  Toni’s dependability, character, and her willingness to do what we asked her to do was pretty darned amazing.  Even more amazing were the things she did that she knew needed to be done, even though we had not thought to take care of those items.  Without hesitation, I promise that she is a valuable asset for any administrative role in any law practice, large or small.”


Author: Toni Thompson

I am a small business owner, a wife, and mother to three wonderful boys and four awesome girls. I worked in the legal arena for over twelve years and I decided to start my VA business because I wanted more flexibility and time to spend with my husband and children. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. I have a wide range of clerical skills giving me what I like to call the “jack of all trades” skill set. I have 12+ years working as an in-house legal secretary, legal assistant (under the supervision of an attorney), and office manager in various areas of the law as well as experience in office administration. I am proactive, take initiative and I am not afraid to speak up or give advice or feedback. My areas of strength include professionalism, high level organizational skills, detail oriented, multi-tasking capabilities and ability to adapt to change. I am a perfectionist in my ways and very efficient. I have a can do attitude, meaning there is nothing that I cannot do. I’m looking for clients who want a true partner in their business not just part time help.